Vision & Mission

To build a world – class institution that fosters Innovative thinking

To offer conductive academic environment for various job & business oriented courses

Provide best training to aspiring students facilitating their bright careers & prepare them to meet emerging challenges and opportunities


Unique Features

Location in the Heart of Pune

We are located in the very heart of Pune, which is a perfect place to study, live, work, and socialize.

Bio-Metric Attendance System

We make sure to track attendance for the better results of the students which also ensures productivity.

World Class Teaching

For years, we've been working hard to offer you only high-quality education and advanced learning techniques.

Audio-Visual lectures

We provide maximum lectures with audio-visual format to ensure optimum information retain by the students to ensure stronghold on concepts.

Constant Student Support

We are here to support you in different ways, be it career tips, academic support, or personal tutoring.

Android App

Login support to android applications given to students as well as parents to convey important prospects right through it.

Wide Range of Opportunities

We meticulously develop all our programs to offer students flexibility in their future career choices.

Online Library

Students will be provided with unlimited access to online libraries for all the academic needs kept in mind.

Smart Time Table

Emphasis on optimum time utilization through Smart Time Table considering the career option chosen by the student.

Contact us

    2nd Floor, Shaheen Complex,

    Opposite Dhobi Ghat,

    Adjacent to Azam Campus

    Gate No. 4, Camp,

    Pune, Maharasthra - 411001

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    Education is the basis of all progress. It is for this very reason that we forayed into education, about 52 years ago. Over two decades of experience has taught us that progress is possible only, if men and women are equally well-educated.

    At ARHAM FOUNDATION we enrich your knowledge, broaden your vision, empower you with the contemporary and time tested education imparting bliss to your life. From our inception, while envisioning the foundation, the well-established anchor points were duly adhered to viz. of shaping of Citizenship character, values driven knowledge acquisition, universality of fundamentals and establishing a futuristic ecosystem for learning.

    All of the courses that we offer have been created in reaction to academic concerns / requirements faced by our community, including the need for educational resources, answers to career options, employability and access to optimal placements / companies, entrepreneurial opportunities and improvement to the overall education system. ARHAM connects the students to global knowledge that is a source of inspiration and practical know-how, and that fosters ownership and galvanizes action.

    We believe that ‘Change is the only thing which is constant’. In line with our belief ARHAM FOUNDATION is continuously developing tools, methods, and online platforms to facilitate an open and collaborative development process amongst its students, faculty and staff.

    With newer National and International alliances now powering the growth of the Institution, we expect ARHAM FOUNDATION to be the thought and Academic Leader of 21st Century India in the coming decade.


    Dr. Shailesh Pagariya
    Arham Foundation

    The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge only but inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in a student.

    We, just like you, believe in holistic education for your child, encompassing – academics, co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills learning. Our endeavor is to strike a balance between state-of-the-art infrastructure and an internationally acceptable education.

    Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong emphasis on team work and a high level of responsibility. This visionary culture allows and emphasises our wards not only to adopt the present day challenges but also individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large.

    Learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learner to acquire and apply the knowledge, the whole process will remain superficial. Any engineering institution worth its name looks to optimize the productivity of global leaders. Our institution has set specific objectives and planned activities for achieving excellence in all spheres of technical education.

    People who feel good about themselves produce good results and people who produce good results feel good about themselves. We also believe in total learning and sharing.

    Education that is thorough, purposeful and meets the requirements of today’s job market; education that disciplines and inculcates values; education that is in tune with the changing dynamics of today’s competitive world – that is the kind of education that Arham Foundation offers.

    Dr. Atish Chordiya
    Group Director
    Arham Foundation