Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business or BBA in International Business is an undergraduate course that trains a student in the key concepts of business management on a global or international scale. The duration of the BBA in International Business course is three years and during this time, a student gains the necessary theoretical skills as well as experiential knowledge required when operating in a global business environment. The course is very relevant in a modern environment where global trade is increasing and an increasing number of businesses are finding it profitable to search for new markets and work across countries. The best part of the course is that it can be pursued by students from all three streams, that is, Science, Commerce, and Arts.

The BBA in International Business course is designed to be fruitful for a candidate who wants to develop an understanding of how businesses function on an international scale. Students are introduced to key concepts such as the principles of management, operating in a multi-cultural environment, movement of goods across borders, etc.

The course is perfect for candidates who have strong communication skills and a good personality. The course provides unique career opportunities to a student. A BBA in International Business graduate is likely to work and communicate professionally with people from different countries having diverse cultural backgrounds. The average salary earned by graduates on completion of the course is INR 3,00,000 to INR 6,00,000. Some of the companies that recruit BBA in International Business graduates include HDFC, HSBC, Oracle, Amazon, Adobe, and others.

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