Eligibility: 12th Std. pass from any govt. recognized board / Duration: 3 Years

BA in Political Science is a three-year undergraduate degree. The course examines both domestic and international political systems. Students are introduced to historical and contemporary political systems, public administration, governmental policies and procedures, international relations, and public affairs throughout the course.

The minimum eligibility requirement is 10+2 or an equivalent examination. The student must pass the 12th grade board examinations with a minimum of 50%. Admission to the course is determined by the university or college’s cut-off list.

BA Political Science Course Highlights

What is a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science?

BA Political Science is the most popular choice among all humanities students; here is some critical information about them.

The BA in Political Science focuses on the numerous concepts associated with politics. The course as a whole covers various governance systems, economics, sociology, international relations, global politics, and psychology, among other topics.

The course introduces students to the functioning of a government and teaches them how to assess and analyse political systems. This course is suitable for those interested in politics and in learning about a country’s administrative structure.

The entire course is devoted to the study of government. It teaches students about society’s fundamental decision-making process and the social, economic, and other institutions and activities that shape this process.

The course is not limited to contemporary political tactics; it also covers the history of political development and the different political revolutions that have occurred throughout the world.

The students gain a thorough understanding of India’s and other countries’ political practises. The subject is quite popular and is offered by a number of prestigious universities, including the University of Madras, Punjab University, the University of Delhi, and the University of Bombay. These colleges and universities offer this curriculum as a full-time degree programme.

Why Study a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science?

BA Political Science has been one of the most popular courses among Indian students in recent years. There are numerous advantages to taking this path, some of which are listed below.

The course provides comprehensive knowledge of the numerous facets of political science, including the study of government, law and order, and socioeconomic practises.

Students may discover attractive work opportunities in the public sector.

The course prepares students for fascinating careers in a variety of professions, including government at the federal, state, and local levels, law, business and international organisations, nonprofit associations and organisations, electoral politics and polls, journalism, research, and teaching.

Apart from seeking employment, students pursuing a BA in Political Science have the option of continuing their studies in a related discipline. In any case, their subject expertise grows.

The course is a boon for students aspiring to succeed in the civil services exams. The training assists them in covering a significant portion of the entrance syllabus.


Admissions to the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science:

The admissions process for BA Political Science is consistent across the majority of universities; these are the processes involved.
  • Admission to the course is determined by the university or college’s cut-off list.
  • Each year, application forms are normally distributed in May or June.
  • The application procedure is normally conducted online, but some universities need applicants to submit their materials in person.
  • Students must complete the application form prior to the deadline.
  • Following the announcement of the 10+2 results, universities/colleges publish their respective course cutoffs.
  • If the student’s aggregate percentage in the class XII examination meets the college’s cut-off requirement, he or she gets admitted on a merit basis.

Admissions to the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science:

Eligibility for a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

  • To be eligible to apply for the BA Political Science, students must meet the following criteria:
  • Candidates must have obtained a passing grade in class XII from a recognised board.
  • The candidate must have obtained a minimum of 50% on their class XII final exams.
  • Typically, the course is open to students who have passed class XII with an emphasis on the arts, but individuals who have completed class XII with a focus on science or business are also eligible.

The BA Political Science curriculum exposes students to several facets of political science, such as the theory and practise of politics, as well as the description and study of political systems and political behaviour.

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